Month: November 2011

Firebabies Lampwork!

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I love soft glass and working with fine silver into my beads. I also like to hand shape beads. Using molds take the fun out of playing with the glass.

Another thing is that I make beads from recycled glass that people send me to me. A little green doesn’t hurt anyone!!

I must say that I love Etsy!! I enjoy having a little shop all my own among other people who feel the same way!!


Whole Foods Oklahoma City Store!

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Our history and reputation are intimately linked to our support of local farmers. For more than 25 years, we have worked to provide you with the broadest possible selection of the highest quality produce available. Our search for that produce begins right outside our front door in every community where we do business. We are permanently committed to buying from local producers whose fruits and vegetables meet our high quality standards, particularly those who farm organically and are themselves dedicated to environmentally friendly, sustainable agriculture. We are greatly increasing our efforts in this regard by further empowering our individual store and regional buyers to seek out locally grown produce.