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Firebabies Lampwork!


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I love soft glass and working with fine silver into my beads. I also like to hand shape beads. Using molds take the fun out of playing with the glass.

Another thing is that I make beads from recycled glass that people send me to me. A little green doesn’t hurt anyone!!

I must say that I love Etsy!! I enjoy having a little shop all my own among other people who feel the same way!!

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Refunk My Junk!


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My name is Allison and I am the owner of Refunk my Junk, Inc. in Edmond, OK. I started my business after painting some pieces of furniture in my house (ok, really all of the furniture in my house) because I was too cheap frugal and picky to buy new, expensive, generic looking furniture…. Then I had some friends ask me to paint pieces for them, and then some strangers asked me to paint their furniture and that’s how it all started! Before I knew it God was knocking on my door, making it clear that He had blessed me with a gift and I had better use it! So I started my business and never looked back!