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Curious Turtle!

(photo taken at Oklahoma Botanical Gardens)

Saw this little one slowly emerging from the greenery and simply had to take its photo.  Just puts a smile on my face to capture these moments.


I hope it put a little smile on your face as well.


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Beautiful Botanical Oklahoma Gardens

Memories Of The Botanical Gardens In Oklahoma City.

 Another reminder that Spring is….On its way!

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Bevers Bend State Park Fall Foliage!

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Look at this! Isn’t it simply beautiful ? Well, this is OKLAHOMA in the Fall! If you haven’t taken the Fall Foliage drive….click on the image above and find out how YOU can experience this scenery for yourself!

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Oklahoma State Parks



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 Get a sense of the natural allure of Oklahoma by visiting one of more than 40 state parks. In addition to relaxing in the beautiful surroundings – lakes, mountains, sand dunes, and forests – you can hike, bike, fish or participate in organized park activities. Then rest in a comfortable lodge or cabin, or camp in your own tent or RV

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Oklahoma Swim

Remembering the botanical gardens

Enjoying a swim during one of our beautiful Oklahoma days.

We are looking forward to the new park opening in downtown OKC!

Won’t be long now!

Find that camera.

Dust it off real good.

Get outside and start clicking!

We’ll be there!


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“Oklahoma Ducks”

Here is a shot of our “Oklahoma” ducks enjoying a beautiful day on the water in the old Botanical Gardens Park.

Although the park was beautiful and I so enjoyed photographing any and everything I could…I know the new park will be just wonderful and will be beckoning myself along with many other photographers to get out and get busy taking pictures! There are so many wonderful people, places and things to photograph, here in Oklahoma…  Until then, I will have many snapshots from days gone by. Happy picture taking!


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Old Botanical Gardens Fence

This lovely fence once stood proudly inside the Oklahoma Botanical Gardens.  It has since been removed to make way for our beautiful new park that is taking its place.  It is going to be oh so lovely and quite huge!  I am very excited and will definitely be taking and posting lots of pictures.