Oklahoma Blogger

Celebrating Oklahoma since "2011"

We Blog about this beautiful state called Oklahoma! Her people, businesses, parks, towns, history, culture and lots of photos! We are Eddie and Suzy. We take photos, visit new places, make new friends and share it with you, right here on our website. Why? Because we want to share and promote Oklahoma one visit at a time!  So hang in there with us as we grow our site and please stop by every now and then to see what we’ve been up to.

*Blogging since 2011

“Oklahoma Blogger” is a registered trademark®


aka: Mrs. “Oklahoma Blogger” ®
Co-owner of Snaps Photography™ (Snaps of whatever catches our eye and makes us smile!)
Celebrating the GOOD in people!
Currently pursuing dreams that have been on hold for far too long!

Rose State College✅ to The University of Central Oklahoma! (It’s NEVER TOO LATE to COMPLETE YOUR DREAMS)!💙💛👩‍🎓







aka: Mr. “Oklahoma Blogger” ®

Co-owner of Snaps Photography™ (Snaps of whatever catches our eye and makes us smile!)

Ancestry Geek and Historical Researcher Extraordinaire!

Workaholic by Nature!






4 thoughts on “About Us!

  1. cwesala says:

    So glad you’re promoting Oklahoma, my home state. Even though I live in Gilbert, AZ now, I come home often and particularly miss spring time in Enid and in Edmond! I’d love to give a shout out for my novel which takes place in Edmond. It’s available at the Edmond Historical Society Museum and Best of Books as well as on Amazon.
    Keep up the great looking blog!
    Connie Wesala
    author of The House on 4th Street

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  2. The Forgotten says:

    New follower…I LOVE Oklahoma too! Born and bred Okie! (http://crbh-ruminations.blogspot.com)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello there! Good to meet you and you have a lovely blog!

      Liked by 1 person

    2. You have a lovely blog! Thank you for stopping by.

      Liked by 1 person

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